Secure and Efficient Auto Transport Services in California

Industry-Leading Auto Transport Services

Wheel Trans Logistics excels in the automotive logistics industry, offering top-tier auto transport services by combining the expertise of an auto transport broker with advanced auto transport logistics. As a proficient car shipping broker, we provide a seamless connection between customers and transporters, ensuring smooth, hassle-free vehicle transportation.

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Strategic and Tailored Logistics Solutions

Our mastery in car transport logistics involves strategic planning, route optimization, and employing advanced tracking systems to guarantee timely and safe vehicle delivery. Our services are tailored to meet various needs, including specialized solutions like enclosed shipping for luxury cars.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Industry Standards

With a customer-centric approach, transparency, and clear communication, Wheel Trans Logistics sets industry standards in efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. We stand out as a valuable partner in the automotive transport industry, committed to innovation and exceptional customer service.



Open Air Auto Transport

Our company’s Open Air Auto Transport Service offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for vehicle shipping needs. This service is ideal for standard vehicles, utilizing open-air carriers, providing safe and efficient transport while allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling and route selection. Catering to both individual and commercial clients, Wheel Trans Logistics ensures that each vehicle is handled with care, making their open-air transport option a popular choice for those seeking a balance between affordability and quality service.



Our Enclosed Transport Service provides the ultimate protection and security for transporting high-value, luxury, or classic vehicles. This premium service utilizes fully enclosed carriers, ensuring the vehicles are safeguarded from external elements and potential road hazards during transit. Ideal for clients who demand the highest level of care and discretion, Wheel-Trans Logistics' enclosed transport option is synonymous with peace of mind and unparalleled vehicle safety.


Terminal to Terminal

Wheel Trans Logistics' Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport Service offers a convenient and efficient solution for clients looking to transport vehicles between specific locations. This service involves dropping off and picking up vehicles at designated terminals, allowing for streamlined and cost-effective logistics planning. Particularly suitable for clients with flexible schedules, We ensure that each vehicle is securely transported and ready for collection at the agreed-upon terminals, providing a reliable and hassle-free service.


Door-to -Door

Wheel Trans Logistics' Door-to-Door Auto Transport Service is designed for maximum convenience, offering clients a hassle-free experience in vehicle transportation. This service includes the pickup of vehicles directly from the client's specified location and delivery to the exact destination address, eliminating the need for clients to travel to terminals. Tailored for those seeking a direct, personalized transport solution, Wheel-Trans Logistics ensures a smooth, secure, and efficient process from start to finish, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals or those requiring special handling of their vehicles.


Luxury and High End

Wheel Trans Logistics' Luxury and High-End Auto Transport Service caters to transporting premium vehicles with the utmost care and confidentiality. This service employs specialized enclosed carriers to ensure that high-value cars, such as luxury, exotic, and classic models, are protected from environmental elements and maintained in pristine condition throughout transit. Recognizing the unique requirements of these vehicles, Wheel Trans Logistics provides a service marked by meticulous attention to detail, security, and exc


Electric Vehicle Auto Transport

Wheel Trans Logistics' Electric Vehicle Auto Shipping Service is specifically tailored to address the unique requirements of transporting electric vehicles (EVs). Recognizing the nuances of EVs, including battery care and specific handling instructions, we utilize advanced equipment and trained professionals to ensure safe and secure transport. This service offers peace of mind to EV owners, providing specialized care and attention to detail from pickup to delivery, ensuring these innovative vehicles are handled with the required expertise.


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