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Duty Towing

Our purpose is to provide the highest level of care and efficiency to smaller, lighter vehicles. For quick and safe vehicle handling, our light-duty towing service is a reliable choice, whether you need emergency roadside assistance or scheduled vehicle transportation. Wheel-Trans Logistics guarantees round-the-clock assistance for any roadside emergency with its dependable 24-hour car towing service.


Duty Towing

We handle the special requirements of towing medium-sized vehicles, including campers, delivery trucks, and small buses, with skill. Modern towing equipment on our specialized fleet ensures safe and effective transportation. Wheel-Trans Logistics' skilled operators are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a wide range of scenarios, ensuring dependable and competent assistance for all towing requirements.


Duty Towing

The heavy-duty towing service offered by our organization is built to handle even the most difficult tow jobs, with a focus on big vehicles like buses, semis, and heavy machinery. With our strong tow trucks and cutting-edge equipment, we guarantee the secure and safe handling of heavy loads. Our team of highly qualified operators ensures dependable and effective heavy-duty towing solutions for their clients by bringing experience and precision to every operation.



Vehicles involved in accidents can receive prompt, professional assistance from us. Our crew makes sure that damaged cars are removed from accident scenes safely and effectively thanks to their specialized recovery vehicles and equipment. Our skilled experts prioritize safety and limit additional harm, offering dependable assistance and expertly handling intricate recovery situations.



For a variety of emergencies that arise while driving, our Roadside Assistance Service offers fast and dependable assistance. Whether it's a dead battery, a flat tire, lockouts, or fuel delivery, our knowledgeable staff is prepared to handle a range of problems with care and efficiency. Wheel-Trans Logistics guarantees prompt and efficient solutions to get drivers back on the road safely, ensuring that they are never left stranded. Wheel-Trans Logistics is available around the clock.


Out Service

A vital part of our roadside assistance packages is our Lock-Out Service, which is intended to quickly take care of circumstances in which drivers find themselves locked out of their cars. Our knowledgeable technicians can enter the car safely and without causing any damage by using cutting-edge tools and techniques. Because this service is 24/7, drivers can always count on timely and dependable assistance in the event of a lockout.



To help drivers who come across flat or damaged tires on the road, we also provide a professional tire change service. Assuring the driver of the least amount of downtime and inconvenience, our staff has the knowledge and resources needed to swiftly and safely swap out a damaged tire for a spare. Wheel-Trans Logistics' dedication to offering their clients thorough and dependable roadside assistance is demonstrated by this service, which is available 24 hours a day.



The Winch-Outs Service from Wheel-Trans Logistics is specifically made to rescue vehicles that are stuck, whether as a result of accidents, bad weather, or off-road mishaps. We can effectively remove cars from mud, snow, ditches, or any difficult terrain thanks to our strong winching equipment and skilled operators. To reduce stress and downtime, this service, which is available around the clock, guarantees that drivers receive timely and efficient assistance when they need it.



We offer a secure and convenient solution for storing vehicles under various circumstances, including post-accident, long-term parking, or during transport logistics. Our storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to ensure the safety and protection of all stored vehicles. With flexible storage options and easy access, this service is designed to provide peace of mind for clients who require reliable and safe vehicle storage solutions.

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We are expertly tailored for situations where cargo needs to be moved from one vehicle to another due to breakdowns, weight imbalance, or compliance issues. Utilizing specialized equipment and skilled personnel, we ensure a smooth and efficient transfer process, minimizing downtime and ensuring cargo safety. This service is crucial for maintaining the continuity of the supply chain and is available to clients who require quick and reliable solutions for their logistical challenges.

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